Better Together: Standard register is now part of Taylor Corp.
Integrating Communications
Improving the patient experience

“I have no doubt its best days are ahead. The acquisition by Taylor Corp. is the best possible outcome for all involved—and most of all Standard Register’s customers.”
Deb Taylor, chief executive officer of Taylor Corp


CDC A RATING. Sustainability

A Recognized Leader In Reducing Climate Change Risk

By reducing carbon emissions and mitigating the business risks of climate change, Standard Register has been awarded an “A” rating by the Carbon Disclosure Project with a score of 99 out of 100, compared to an average of 49. Among 3,396 companies assessed , SR is one of 121 companies worldwide that earned an “A” rating.
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Integrated Communications

Improving Communications Every Step of the Way

Knowing your audience is key to providing an engaging experience. That’s what Standard Register is all about. Helping you optimize every communication touch point throughout your customer’s journey. Whether it’s direct to consumer, through your sales channel, in your retail environment or on your products, leading brands turn to us.  ​
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Ragan Communications Best Blog Award named 2015 Best Blog!, an online community dedicated to patient engagement and powered by Standard Register Healthcare, was recently named Best Blog in Ragan’s 2015 Health Care PR and Marketing Awards. We are thrilled with the recognition and honored to continue highlighting the ongoing need for a place for providers and patient advocates.
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